The Airhead team

A group of exceptional individuals with a shared passion for building great software.

Phil Dawson

Commercial Director

Responsible for Airhead's commercial strategy and relationships, as well as the day-to-day running of the business.

Jason Dixon

Technical Director

Responsible for Airhead's technical strategy, leading the development team, and managing technical relationships.

Fraser Davidson

Solution Architect

Responsible for architecting and building the Airhead platform, and integrating with our partners.

Anthony Gibbons

Operations Manager

Responsible for keeping Airhead's cloud platform fast and available 24/7, and supporting our customers.

We don't just create Airhead for others to use!

We use our own software every day of our working lives to run the business and keep on top of everything. Whether it's tracking and sharing platform analytics, sharing progress updates with the team, or managing project tasks – everything starts with a flightdeck or a launchpad!