The features you need. And some you've not dreamed of.

Airhead can do all the basic stuff you'd expect. But what it's really capable of is limited only by your imagination.

Imagine the most powerful, flexible learning platform in the world. You're imagining what we imagined when we designed Airhead.

Airhead is designed to allow you and your school or college to teach and to learn in the way that suits you. Create launchpads for the applications you use yourself, or containing all the resources you need to teach a particular topic. Use flightdecks as dashboards for data, cool media-centers for curriculum delivery, information centers for parents, or to supercharge your own personal productivity. Keep things to yourself, share them with your students and colleagues, or publish them so every teacher or student in the world can find them!

Use the personal version of Airhead for free! That's right NADA! Sign in using your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account. Or buy Airhead for your school and get all the powerful sharing and MIS data features.

Airhead Personal Airhead
for Schools
Discover resources
Share resources with other users – including from other schools
Deliver lessons
Store logins to web apps / websites
Assign resources to classes
Distribute logins to web apps/websites to groups and users
Launch locally installed applications
Support independent learning of students
Support project and team-based working
Collaborate with and share resources with teachers in other schools
Enhance personal productivity and self-management
Engage with parents
Create and share dashboards of MIS data COMING SOON! *
Share student data with parents COMING SOON! *
Allow students to hand in work COMING SOON!
FREE £2 per user
* Cost option

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