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BETT Awards 2015 Winner - Innovation in ICT

FREE for individual users – just sign in with your Google, Facebook or Microsoft account

Launchpads, flightdecks, MIS data widgets, rich media widgets, stored logons, single sign-on...

Airhead contains everything you need for your teaching and learning in a beautiful, easy-to-use, web application that's as at home on your mobile or tablet as it is on your desktop PC.

We think it's the coolest, socially-enabled, cloud-powered app for education available anywhere today. But don't just take our word for it. Airhead was awarded the 2015 BETT award for innovation in IT.

Designed to let you use the apps you love.

Airhead gives you the freedom to choose the web apps you use for different tasks.

Want to blog? Use WordPress or Blogger. Want to upload a video? Use Vimeo or YouTube.

Want to put your files in the cloud? Use Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Choose from over 15,000 categorised web apps and resources, or create your own in a few seconds.

Airhead allows you to use the best of the web.

“What learning platforms should have been.”

Kathy Olsson,
E-Learning Strategy Manager, E2BN

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Designed to let you discover and share.

Airhead has a world of resources ready for you to tap into. We call it AirBase. It’s available to all Airhead users. Discover cool apps and resources, assemble them in Airhead and then share your creations with the world!

No more re-inventing the wheel every lesson!

Airhead for Schools adds the ability to assign things to students or share with colleagues – any group. Whether it’s a flightdeck of management data for the senior managers, a noticeboard for parents, or a class resource, Airhead has it all covered.

Designed to solve the web’s little problems.

The web has brought with it an every-growing number of great apps. But each one requires a sign in. Airhead solves that for you on a personal basis allowing you to securely store the usernames and passwords you use, and to automatically sign you in wherever we can.

Need to provide all your users with the same shared credentials to access a resource? No problem! Airhead for Schools lets you do just that.

“Best product of its kind available today ... it just works (and works really well!)”

Ollie Bray,
Headteacher & Educational Consultant

Designed to make your data work for you.

Airhead's flightdecks are dashboards for pulling together data from anywhere. Want to have your email inbox alongside your calendar with an RSS feed of news items? No problem! Got multiple email accounts? Add as many as you want side-by-side, or create different flightdecks for school and home – you can create as many as you want.

Airhead for Schools also integrates with your school’s MIS. Just when you thought you couldn’t have enough information at your fingertips, you can add student details, achievement, attendance and behaviour into the mix.

And of course, you can share those flightdecks with the people who need to see them - the senior management team or your departmental colleagues.

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